Sound Services

Top Quality Sound Equipment, Top Quality Prices.

Step up your audio game with our specialized sound services and equipment dry hire, focusing on premium radio mics and speakers. Whether you’re commanding the stage at a theatre production or leading a conference, we provide top-tier equipment to guarantee impeccable sound. Our inventory boasts high-quality radio microphones and powerful speakers, meticulously maintained to deliver flawless performance every time. With our tailored sound services, your voice will resonate with clarity, ensuring that every word captivates your audience, whether they’re in the theatre or at a conference hall.

Wireless Microphones

Using only the best when it comes to wireless microphone systems. We have a range of Sennheiser wireless systems. A wireless system for singers or presenters. The first choice for both sound designers and occasional users because of its simplicity.

Versatile wireless systems for those who sing, speak or play instruments with up to 42 MHz tuning bandwidth in a stable UHF range and fast, simultaneous setup of up to 12 linked systems.

Rack of eight systems including either headsets or handhelds is only £120 (per day) or £350 (per week).

Public Address Systems

We have a range of PA available from dBTechnologies, from their B-Hype series. We currently stock 15″, 10″ and 8″ cabinets.

The B·Hype series aims to provide a professional yet efficient sonic performance to all kind of users, combining an extremely efficient CLASS D amplifier with aggressive sound pressure levels (up to 126.5 dB for the 15” cabinet), while delivering the most accurate sound reproduction.

Please contact us to discuss pricing.